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Acclaimed Kitchens

Serving the Pittsburgh and Tri-State Area.

If you need to meet with a designer or to speak with John himself, please call (412) 445-4306 and make an appointment.   Thank-you!

Show Room Locations:

  • Cardello Electric Supply and Lighting
    20560 Route 19    Cranberry Township, PA 16066

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153 Dreher Rd    Butler PA, 16002

How Does the Process Work?

This is not a rushed process.  We have a strategic plan when we create each space.

When you come to us to work with you on a new kitchen, there is a whole process that we go through with every client to see it come to fruition.

  • We talk with you at large to find out your wants and needs for your new kitchen.
  • We take measurements of your area or obtain your blueprints.
  • We sit down and design, design, and design some more.  This step sets us apart from the typical cabinetry manufacturer. 

We do not skimp on the design time.  It is our mission to make certain that you are 100% satisfied with the design before we proceed.  Design time varies based on how many changes you make throughout this process.

  • We itemize each piece of custom cabinetry to arrive at an accurate estimation of the cost involved.
  • We finalize the design and price estimate.  Once we have secured a design and price with you,
  • We start the crafting of your cabinetry.  If Acclaimed Kitchens is doing your remodeling project, we begin this phase as well.  It typically takes 6 weeks to construct the cabinetry.

Remodeling time varies depending on the scope of your project.

What Acclaimed Kitchens is Not

Acclaimed Kitchens is not a large-scale facility that cranks out quick designs and box cabinetry.  If you are looking for a quick-fix for your kitchen, we are probably not a good match for you.

What Acclaimed Kitchens Is

Acclaimed Kitchens is a specializing kitchen contractor best suited where quality matters most.  Every design and piece of cabinetry you get from Acclaimed Kitchens is custom.  We typically spend around 30 hours on each design, hand-drawing it before getting computer images of it.  Usually a team of four to six designers and craftsmen will collaborate on your design before it ever goes into production.  We have among the finest cabinet craftsmen and home remodelers who painstakingly make every detail of the design come to life.  Acclaimed Kitchens typically works with 8 to 12 customers a month.

Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost?

Why Acclaimed?

Our designers visit EVERY job.

We design, build, and install cabinetry

that will exceed your expectations.

We specialize

in using distinctive styles, finishes and colors.

Acclaimed kitchens is a full-service contractor.

That means that we will complete your entire project ~ start to finish.
From load-bearing walls to flooring ~ lighting to plumbing, etc.,
we are dedicated to providing you with the kitchen of your dreams.

Our experienced professionals will complete your dream kitchen
in a timely manner.

We will create
the right design to suit your taste and lifestyle ~
all in the comfort of your own home.

We listen to what you want.

Then we provide you with the highest quality workmanship
available in the industry today.

-John Nagg

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